Closed Mutual Funds

Closed Mutual Funds

GHP GROUPemploys a number of professionals in consultancy services and project management who can originate various client-oriented solutions. The services we provide are in line with exceptionally high professional standards and the best practices.

During market downturns, low-quality and illiquid assets put financial institutions under additional pressure. Our company is ready to offer a full range of services to streamline loan portfolios, clean up balance sheets and improve liquidity. One of the most efficient solutions now is the creation of a closed mutual fund (rental/credit mutual fund).

Experts employed by GHP GROUP provide consultancy services related to the establishment of individually-tailored closed mutual funds in the real estate sector that suit client needs. GHP GROUPalso offers a full range of auxiliary services (i.e. registration and fund management).

Closed Mutual Funds under management:

  • Rental Fund Perspektiva
  • Rental Fund Perspektiva Fund 2
  • Rental Fund Sodruzhestvo